domestic violence

According to national statistics, one woman in four will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, each year 1.4 million women and 700,000 men suffer some form of domestic violence while every 100,000 people in the UK are at high and imminent risk of being murdered or seriously injured as a result of domestic abuse.  However, we noted there was little statistical information exist about the status of domestic violence among BME and African communities hence in part the need for the proposed project.


Over the last year, Siyanda Trust was approached by women experiencing domestic violence for support to signpost them to services needed.  They shared their experiences of social isolation, depression and sometimes of fear of approaching statutory services about domestic violence because of fear that their children would be removed or the impact it would have on their status as refugees. Siyanda also noted the trend amongst African communities in which women had been killed by their partners because of domestic violence.  Some of the cases were featured in social media.

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