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Who are you?? Introduce self and describe your cause

Siyanda Developmentcustom college papers online Trust is a Diaspora led charitable organisation that, through its Educare programme, supports and sponsors orphaned and vulnerable children to attain at least primary school education.  It also works with young people and their families on health and wellbeing, mental health and more importantly of alcohol and drugs awareness.

Explain how much funding you need, where its going, be specific, include your funding goal, and even a breakdown of where the money goes

Through its Educare programme, Siyanda Development Trust is seeking to raise £3000.00 to support and sponsor girls in rural schools to remain in education.    The money will be used to pay for their school fees, purchase uniforms and stationery.

When your cause will take place – set a deadline, thus creates a sense of urgency

We are aiming to raise the money by June 30th 2015 to enable us to meet the deadline for the payment of fees.

Why your cause matters – explain why its important to you and how contributors can help achieve your goal, show passion, explain impact of your campaign or tell about the people who stand to benefit.

300 000 children out of school annually in Zimbabwe due to socio economic difficulties.  Over the past 5 years, a million children have been affected.  Girls are disproportionately affected as they are the first to drop out of school when money becomes scarce, are put at risk early marriages, exposed to violence, risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

We know the significance of educating girls goes beyond individuals to whole families, communities and nations.  The benefit of educating girls cuts across all facets and sectors of life laying a foundation for the sustenance of human civilisation.  When girls are empowered, everybody benefits.  Girls who are educated, healthy and free can transform their communities and pass on the benefits to their children and to their children’s children.

Ways you can help – call for action – tell people how they can get involved, beyond just donating money ask them to share your campaign with their friends on social media.  Tell about the value of spreading the word about your cause, outline and describe perks you have in exchange for contributions. Ask for donations

It costs £60.00 annually to send a child to school, with essentials like school uniforms, takkies and stationery.  This translates to less than 20p per day.  With this money we can send , sponsor and support more girls to complete at least their primary school education By donating £2.00, you can help us towards achieve our goal of raising £3000.00 that will allow us to send 50 girls to school. 

Beyond just donating money, you can help us by spreading the word about this campaign and our organisation, for we know there is power in the word of mouth.  You can also share the campaign  with your friends on social media, on platforms like FB, twitter, instagram, pindstar.  In exchange we will provide you with regular updates about the progress of our campaign and inform you of other ways you can get involved.

Outcomes – statements which summarise the difference your project intends to make – outcomes relate to benefits seen for individuals and communities.

Girls remain in school for longer and complete their primary school education.

Girls progress to secondary school.

They are empowered.

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