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Siyanda educates and raises awareness of alcohol & drugs and mental health by delivering sessions to community groups, volunteers, health and social care professionals. We promote mental health by providing information and signposting individuals to support services in the voluntary and statutory sectors.

Empowering individuals and creating healthier communities.


Alcohol and Drugs

We deliver alcohol and drugs awareness workshops to communities both locally and internationally.  Siyanda has successfully facilitated and delivered many alcohol & drugs awareness sessions across the country and internationally.



Siyanda sponsors orphaned and/ or vulnerable children from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete at least primary level education through its Educare Programme. The programme is a platform for well-wishers to play a critical role in the development and educating a child.


Mental Health

A key role of Siyanda in the community is educating, promoting and raising awareness of mental health issues. Siyanda also organizes and participates in community events reaching out to individuals on how they can achieve mental health wellbeing.

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